How to generate android debug apk for testing the app

In this tutorial we will learn how to generate an android debug apk. This debug apk can be installed in any android device.

android debug apk
android debug apk

Types Of Android Apk

  • debug apk
  • signed apk

debug apk

The debug apk is generated for testing purpose of the android application. This apk can be installed into the any capable android device. We can’t upload this apk into the playstore to download for the public. This is only for the testing purpose. You can generate this apk as following way:

generating android debug apk
generating debug apk

After clicking on the Build APK(s) you will see the following popup in the right bottom side. Click on the locate the apk path.

android debug apk path
debug apk path

Click on the locate to reach out the apk. and the you see the following directory.

android debug apk directory path
debug apk directory path

You can change the name of the above app-debug.apk

What is signed apk in android?

For upload the apk into the google playstore you needed the android signed apk. The signed apk can we create using the credentials which are created during generating the signed apk.

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