Bottom Overflowed By Pixels Flutter

In this tutorial we will learn the issue in flutter of Bottom Overflowed By Pixels flutter.

overflowed by pixels
overflowed by pixels

What is Overflowed By Pixels Error in Flutter?

This is the issue which comes when we design the screens. When we provide the width or height of the component more then the parent component.

How to solve the Pixels overflowed issue in flutter?

To solve the issue we have to manage the total width or height of component according to the parent width or height. like you have a component and its width is 20px and you have 3 child component inside it, each of them have the width of like 10-10px then absolutely it will throw a overflowed error.

To fixed that issue you have to manage the total width of child component equals to 20px or less than the 20px. For more details you can visit here.

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