Delete a Node in BST In Data Structure

In this tutorial we will learn how to Delete Node in BST(Binary Search Tree) with example. The example below deletes a node from the BST, See full example below.

What is Binary Search Tree?

A Binary Search Tree is a node-based binary data structure which has some properties those are below:

  • Left subtree nodes always be less than the root node.
  • Right subtree nodes always be greater than the root node.
  • Left and right subtree also Binary Search Tree.
  • By default there is no duplicate.

Example To Delete Node in BST

See the full example below to delete node from Binary Search Tree.

Binary Search Tree
Binary Search Tree

There can be tree case to delete a node, consider these before any node.

1. Node to be deleted is the leaf.

Simply remove it from the node tree.

2. Node to be deleted has only one child.

Copy the child to the node and delete the node.

3. Node to be deleted has two children.

To delete the node in this case you have to find the inorder successor of the node. Copy content of the inorder successor to the node and delete the inorder successor.


public class BinaryTreeBT {

    static class Node {
        int data;
        Node left;
        Node right;

        Node(int data) {
   = data;
            this.left = null;
            this.right = null;

    // creating binary search tree
    public static Node createBST(Node root, int val) {
        if (root == null) {
            root = new Node(val);
            return root;

        if ( > val) {
            root.left = createBST(root.left, val);
        } else {
            root.right = createBST(root.right, val);

        return root;

    // delete a node in bst
    public static Node deleteNode(Node root, int key){
        if(root == null){
            return null;
        if(key <{
            root.left = deleteNode(root.left, key);
        }else if(key >{
            root.right = deleteNode(root.right, key);
            // node with only one child or no child
            if(root.left == null){
                return root.right;
            }else if(root.right == null){
                return root.left;

            // node with two child get the inorder successor(smallest in the right subtree)
            Node IS = inOrderSuccessor(root.right);

            // delete the inorder successor
            root.right = deleteNode(root.right,;
        return root;


    public static Node inOrderSuccessor(Node root){
        while (root.left != null) {
            root = root.left;
        return root;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        int[] values = {12, 8, 10, 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 15};
        Node root = null;

        // creating binary search tree
        for(int i=0; i<values.length; i++){
            root = createBST(root, values[i]);

         // delete a key in bst
        root = deleteNode(root, 4);
        System.out.println("new root Node = " +;

Output: The deleted node will removed from the BST as shown in the below graph. You can see more from Here.

Delete node in BST
Delete node in BST

Thank you for reaching out this tutorial. For any doubt and query, you can comment in the comments section below.

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