What is Flutter : Creating Beautiful Native Apps

Flutter is an open-source software development kit developed by google. It is used to develop android, IOS, windows, mac, Fuchsia and linux apps. It is open source that mean anyone can use this.


What is Flutter?

Flutter was first described in 2015 and released in May 2017. It is written in C, C++, Dart programming languages. We can create android, IOS, windows, linux and Fuchsia app using the flutter.

flutter apps
flutter apps

In the above image you can see that how beneficial the Flutter in modern time. The most important thing is that you can build app for Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, Linux and Fuchsia using only the single source code. You don’t need to do coding for separately for each platform. This is cross platform development UI KIT for developing the applications.

Why Should I Use Flutter

There are many reasons which recommend you to learn and use Flutter. Every software development company wants to earn by giving less time with multiple products. Flutter provides the way to achieve this. Flutter is cross platform development UI KIT. You can create multiple platform apps using this.

Help Community

Google has more than thousands of developer who are regularly working on flutter to provide the best services. You can take help from the following communities.

Most of the developer use GitHub to raise their issues and problems. Its totally free you can create account on GItHub and can share your source code also.

StackOverFlow if also community where developers ask their questions and errors. You can find developers jobs on StackOverFlow also.

What Is Flutter Firebase

Firebase provides the facility to create storage and perform tasks. You can create account and can add your flutter project here. Firebase used to develop live data apps on which the data reflects on the change. You can create push notifications using the firebase also.

Career As Flutter Developer

It is growing day by day and improving its services. So in coming years there will be most of jobs for flutter developer. Companies will hire who can create cross platform apps. So we recommend you to learn flutter and move ahead.

Download Flutter

To create applications using Flutter, First you have to install the requirement development KIT and related softwares. First you have to download and install the Flutter development KIT for specific platform. You can download from here.

Flutter Vs React Native

There are many reason which separate both of these development platforms. React native also very popular and widely used cross platform used to create multi platform applications.

FlutterReact Native
Dart is used for developmentJavaScript Is used for development
Developed by GoogleDeveloped by Facebook
Released in May 2017Released in June 2015
Use Business Logic ComponentIt uses Redux and Flux
It uses custom widgets to Create UIControllers are used to create UI
Performance is fastPerformance is slower than Flutter apps
Hot Reload SupportedIt also Supported Hot reload
Used By Google Ads, HamiltonFaceBook ads, Instagram, Linkedln

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